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Barbara L. Miller is first of all a wife and mother.  She has 6 children (5 living) and 3 stepchildren, many precious daughters and sons-in-law and a total of 25 grandchildren.  Her husband is mostly a saint.  

Barbara has been assisting breastfeeding families since before the Lactation Consultant profession was officially born (1985).  She took the exam for the first time in 1993 and has recertified by exam every 10 years since then.  In 2011 she chose to sit the exam earlier than necessary, in order to be able to take it with her daughter, Faith.   

In the years before the formalization of the Lactation Consultant profession, she did volunteer work through La Leche League International (LLLI).  Because her husband was in the military and they moved quite often, she was a LLLI Leader in Ansbach, Germany, Philadelphia, PA and Killeen, TX.  In San Antonio she worked at the South Texas Lactation Center (STLC) and in private practice.  In Houston she has worked at the Children's Nutrition Research Center (CNRC) at Baylor College of Medicine, at Memorial Hermann Northwest Hospital, at Christus St. Joseph Hospital, and again in private practice.  At the CNRC she provided lactation support for several research studies including one of the earliest studies on the fortification of pre-term milk.  At the hospitals and at the STLC, she worked on the postpartum floor and in the NICU, and she taught countless in-services to the hospitals' staff, residents and physicians. Through all these amazing opportunities she feels her greatest teachers have been the moms, dads and babies with whom she has been blessed to work.


Faith Marshall is the 5th of Barbara's children and the mother of two of Barbara's adorable grandchildren.  Faith did not mean to follow in her mother's footsteps but evidently this passion for breastfeeding support is just in her blood. 

She has been assisting mothers and babies in the Houston area for the past 9 years. 
While growing up she worked in a local breastfeeding store teaching the proper use of pumps, doing bra fittings and interacting with and encouraging breastfeeding families.  

In 2010 she began working as a WIC peer counselor and assisted families with breastfeeding support in several clinics in the Houston area.  In January 2011 she began working at The Woman's Hospital of Texas as their first WIC breastfeeding peer counselor, acting mainly as a liaison between WIC clinics and families whose babies were in the NICU or who had other breastfeeding challenges.  She ensured that they had access to hospital quality pumps upon the mother's hospital discharge and that appropriate follow up support was in place so that breastfeeding would be successful for the long term.   She says her favorite part about working in the hospital was the indescribable experience of first walking into the room of a new mom and her baby ...it was a feeling of awe at the newness of life and the privilege it was to be a part of that special time.   

In July 2011 she sat for the IBCLC exam and officially became a International Board Certified Lactation Consultant.  In addition to her work with TLC, she continues to teach classes at The Woman's' Hospital of Texas (Breastfeeding, Life With Baby, Infant CPR and a Sibling Class).   



We BELIEVE in the value of family and that parents have a responsibility to nurture their children, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  
 We BELIEVE parenting is a learned art but that it also comes from one's heart.
 We BELIEVE that if babies could vote for or against receiving breast milk, that the vote FOR would be unanimous!  
We KNOW human milk is ideally suited for human babies and cows milk is for baby cows! 
We KNOW that babies are born to receive breast milk but sometimes there are obstacles that just get in their way.
We KNOW from our professional and personal experiences that most of these obstacles can be overcome with the right knowledge and a bit of TLC! 
 We KNOW the work that is put into our breastfeeding relationships is work that pays off for a whole lifetime.  

We wish you and your family much joy in all your parenting endeavors!  
Birth and breastfeeding are just the beginning....

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