Stories from Mom & Dad

I had my baby in August 2011 and I decided early on that I wanted to exclusively breast feed. The reality of my birth experience was completely opposite of the very detailed plan that I had envisioned. After having a C-section I knew they would take my son away while I recovered in post-op so I told my partner to make sure they didn't give our son formula. Once I got to my room they brought my baby to me and shortly after we had a successful latch! The nurses were great, but unfortunately, I could not take them home with us. I had so many questions as a first time mom and breastfeeder. 

I knew Faith through mutual friends, but we had not kept in touch. My friend quickly gave me her number so we could reconnect, she had the most wonderful things to say about Faith as a woman and as a Lactation Consultant. I called her up right away and she took the time to answer all my questions with complete knowledge and understanding. As a mom of two, Faith had breastfed both of her children so to me she was the Dahli Lama of Lactation! She offered to come out to my home a few days later and she showed up bright and early with a baby scale in tow. This is when I knew she meant business! We talked and again she answered my laundry list of questions and concerns. She weighed the baby before i fed him and after so I could see that he was in fact getting a good amount of milk from me which was a relief because unlike bottle fed babies, I didn't know how much he was eating or if he was getting enough. She also opened my brand new electric pumping system, put it together, and explained to me how to use it and how to clean it. This saved me the chore of having to watch the boring DVD that it came with!

Whenever I had questions I would text or call Faith and she would get right back to me with just the right answer. Now my son will be 6 months and we are still breastfeeding and I am so thankful and blessed to have had someone like Faith to encourage me and let me know that I was doing a great job. Breastfeeding is a wonderful choice for both mommy and baby and to have the help of a Lactation Consultant is priceless in that journey. THANK YOU FAITH!!! xoxo - Diedra & Lennon 

Barbara helped me through one of the most stressful times in my life.  After having nursed 6 children while working, I thought the 7th would be a breeze.  My little Tommy had other plans.  He was not an eater.  I basically had to force feed him.  He lost more weight than he gained.  Subsequently, my supply went way down.  I changed my diet, fed more often and pumped more in between feedings.  Barbara was my lifeline.  Without her support, I'm sure I would have given up. She never made me feel inadequate or unsuccessful, instead it was tiny steps forward - little successes as Tommy grew slowly.  At one point I had alarms set every two hours throughout the night to pump between feedings.  I had to rent a medical scale to monitor daily Tommy's weight and eating habits.  Barbara was so patient.  I would come in, dragging all the other kids along and she loved them.  It was like a big family affair.  She was available any time I needed her. She suggested herbal supplements that tasted awful but seemed to help - I called them my seaweed cocktail.  My doctor monitored me as well and together we had a plan.  It was so comforting to know that I had support out there whenever I needed it.  She was easy to talk to and listened well.  She really cared about us all.  I would highly recommend Barbara Miller to anyone, first time mothers or experienced mothers who are having trouble.  She will look at the whole picture, the family and the other factors involved like working, and help you succeed in what is most important to you - your new baby and being able to give him/her the best chance at a healthy and productive life by sharing your milk.
Dee Dee & Tommy


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