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Home/Office/Telehealth Visits

Home/Office/Telehealth Visits

Home/Office/Telehealth Visits

You are probably here because you need help or have questions!  


 Aetna?  We are in network!  Generally up to 6 visits are pre-approved with nothing or little out-of-pocket for you (please note though that   plans do vary in what they cover/require). 


 BCBS, UHC, Cigna:?  We partner with a company that will try to get your insurance company to pre-approve at least 2 office or possibly telehealth visits  

It is a very simple process to find out if your insurance will pay:  

1.  Please go to www.lactationnetwork.com and fill out a short form about your insurance   

    coverage.  Where it asks Who Referred You? enter Texas Lactation Consultants. 

2.  You and we will be notified usually within a   few hours, if your insurance has pre-approved the visit.

If your insurance will not cover the visit(s),  we are still happy to help you....we just like to make it as cost effective for you as possible!  But the cost of the visit can literally pay for itself within a month or so compared to the cost of paying for formula (and that does not even factor in the loss of  health and convenience benefits for moms and babies).

Our cash pay discount for lactation visits not paid directly by insurance are as follows:

Initial visit - $195; Followup visit - $165.  

All home visits regardless of insurance coverage do include an additional travel fee that varies depending on how far you live from our Houston Heights office ($25-60).

To learn more about Lactation Consultations or to request a visit, please go to the Menu Bar at the top of this page and click on  CONSULTATIONS

OR CALL 713-884-6204

OR TEXT 832-755-1063



Breast Pump & Scale Rentals

Home/Office/Telehealth Visits

Home/Office/Telehealth Visits

We rent Medela Symphony Breast pumps and Babyweigh scales

1.  Houston area?  

Pick up at 2401 Yale St, 77008 

or request delivery here*

 2.  Outside of Houston?  We can ship pumps and scales anywhere in the USA.  

We have several cost saving options to offer based on your needs and rental time periods  To check pricing, please go to PUMP & SCALE RENTALS in the Menu Bar at the top.


Because the Medela Symphony generally works better to establish a good milk supply when the baby isn't able to do the job or when the mom has other issues that impact her milk supply. It is the pump most hospitals use.

Most moms get MORE MILK in LESS TIME with MORE COMFORT with the Symphony than they do with their "insurance pumps."

Once supply is well established and/or baby is taking over the job, then you can generally switch back to your insurance pump. 



The Medela BabyWeigh Scale measures breast milk intake to the tenth of an ounce.which can be helpful in certain situations such as when babies are transitioning from bottle feeding to exclusive breastfeeding, for babies who have weight gain concerns or who always seem hungry after feedings or who just "live" on the breasts., or perhaps for babies who have other medical issues.  Getting an accurate picture of what is going on is the first step to taking necessary steps to correct problems. An IBCLC can guide you in the process of making improvements but some families like to do an initial assessment on their own before scheduling an appointment to check if they have a real problem or a perceived one.  The scale doesn't lie.  

  The scales you can reasonable purchase only measure to the half ounce which isn't accurate enough for measuring intake 

Please click on PUMP & SCALE RENTALS in the Menu Bar at the top to learn more about Pricing, to read Reviews from real families & to reserve a pump or scale.

OR CALL 713-884-6204

OR TEXT 832-755-1063


Classes, Community & Caring

Home/Office/Telehealth Visits

Classes, Community & Caring

Prenatal Breastfeeding Classes 

(group or individual)

The REAL scoop on what you need to know from our breastfeeding gurus who teach you in ways you won't forget.  

You can learn what is normal and what to do if things don't go as planned!  

It is also great to establish a relationship with your lactation consultant BEFORE your baby comes, so she will be expecting to hear from you the week you are due.  We actually pencil you into our calendar for that week so we can be available if needed.  

Insurance may cover the cost of the class.

Mother's Milk Bank Austin

We are a drop off location for the milk bank. 

If you would like to donate your extra milk, please go to www.milkbank.org and start the simple process to be an approved donor...

YOU can save babies lives with your gift!  

The Austin Milk Bank is the largest non-profit milk bank in the world.  Milk donated here goes to babies in need throughout the USA. 

La Leche League International

A mother-to-mother support group was meeting in our building prior to the pandemic, and hopefully will be back at the following times as soon as it is safely possible:

2nd FRIDAY MORNING, 10 am to noon

3rd THURSDAY EVENING, 7 to 8:30 pm

Meanwhile they are meeting on line to continue offering support and education to breastfeeding families.

To connect with on line groups, please go to  https://lllusa.org/locator/ 


For several years we have collected used pump pieces, including hand pumps to donate to a children's clinic in Haiti but due to civil unrest, we currently can not get the supplies to them (no mail system and our doctor friend who was traveling to them monthly to deliver supplies and to care for their pre-term and sick babies is unable to do so at this time).. 

In the meantime, they still have needs that we hope to be able to help with by donating monetarily and will post that contact info here as soon as we get it.

If you are aware of other needs in our community or elsewhere that we as breastfeeding supporters can help with, please contact Barb at 832-755-1063.