Welcome to TLC!

We love nursing mamas, babies and the daddies and families who love & support them!  

We, Barb & Faith, started TLC in 2011 as a mother-daughter team.  A few years later, we were thrilled to have Rosemary join us.  Check out our bios at OUR TEAM OF IBCLCs.

Our office is in the Pure Parenting Shop in The Heights.

What We Believe & What We Know


We BELIEVE in the value of family and that parents have a responsibility to nurture their children, physically, emotionally and spiritually. 

 We BELIEVE parenting is a learned art but that it also comes from one's heart!  

 We BELIEVE that if babies could vote for or against receiving breast milk, that the Vote FOR would be an overwhelming majority! 


We BELIEVE that babies really are born to receive breast milk but sometimes obstacles get in the way.

We KNOW that many of these obstacles can be overcome. We have professionally and personally experienced the joys and trials of breastfeeding.


We BELIEVE that human milk is ideally suited for human babies and that cows milk is ideally suited for baby cows. 

 With that said, in some situations when  a mamas' supply isn't ample enough to meet a baby's needs, we are the first to say let's supplement!  

We recommend, along with the World Health Organization, donor milk as the first option. The next option would be a safe organic, non-GMO, chemical-free-as-possible infant formula.  AND throughout that process of needing to supplement, we will work tirelessly with mamas with all the science, tips, tricks and prayers we know to help supplies to increase because that is how we roll :)  

We promise to meet you where you are at and with lots of TLC, truly support you to get  where you want to go on this journey.  


 So, why did we share all this with you?

Because we KNOW that the decision to initially breastfeed, or to try breastfeeding again is often emotionally charge.

We KNOW that by working through those issues, we can gain perspective, make peace and move forward to be better parents and better human beings.

Because we want you to KNOW that we KNOW that breastfeeding is sometimes easy and sometimes not so easy.

We also KNOW that it is WORTH it and we want you to have all the success and joy that we KNOW can be yours...and if we can help you along the way, please let us know.

We KNOW you can do it and that you will land in a happy place!

Thank you for listening to our hearts here.